Falling Heights

Welcome to the small corner of my life called art

And enjoy a hint of Altadena
Okay, it's been a long time since I've done anything on the web - like before kids.
Here's a shot I took Sunday of a Cooper's Hawk in the Elm tree at our house.  I have no idea how to rotate it in this application.
Back in the days when the web was a bit safer I hosted my own Samba web server to show my photos.  Rather out of the question these days...
Anyhow, enjoy these photos as I learn how to build a proper photo web page - from scratch of course with no ads, spam, tracking cookies....there is no good navigation presently so when you choose a photo you'll have to choose the back arrow to look at others...
Below is a nice profile shot of one of the two boys (girls?)  Maybe one's a boy and one's a gir! Heck I don't know.  i do know that there are three of them buzzing around